Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Journey Of My Life

Ello everyone..! After several months tak tulis i'm back to write sumthing on my diary. Hmm, actually banyak sgt benda yg dah happened in my life n willing to share but let me write in brief jela okey??

First of all, i dah start doing my OJT (on-job-training) with SD. Almost 2 months i am there with them. So far, everything is fine & bersyukur sgt2 sbb bila dh keje ni, i have my own money and can buy anything what i want. Even tak byk mana pun, i'm still proud of myself coz i don't need to ask money from my dad (walaupun dlm hati, kalau boleh bglaa jugak kan?? hehee..). Nway, since i have my own income, i dah buy insurance with Prudential BSN Takaful. It's for Medical, Protection & Savings. Actually, for your information.. insurance ni must be 10% from our income. That is the right way to calculate how much we should pay for our insurance.
Ni sekadar sharing je, huhu..terpulang laa kpd korang nk byr brape kan?

Why i suddenly nak beli insurance?? That is a good question. Insurance ni sgt penting sbb its like "sediakan payung sebelum hujan." kte tak tau what will be happened next in our life right? In case kalau berlaku sumthing bad (Nauzubillah), kte dah ade perlindungan yg boleh mengurangkan beban kte dalam waktu2 kritikal. Ohh yaa! insurance ni makin lambat kte beli, lagi mahal kte kena bayar. Means kalau umur dh 40 tahun baru nak beli insurance, dia punya plan lg mahal laa. Sbb lagi berumur, lg byk risiko utk dpt penyakit kn? & sesape yg dah ade penyakit kronik, dah tak valid utk amik insurance lg. Itu polisi utk mana2 insurance sekali pun.
Jadi, baik bertindak skarang.. (Ceh, dh mcm agent laa plak) hehe..

Okey, next nak crite pasal pengalaman bekerja nih.. ade good & bad experience. Yg paling manis is one of the VIP's family members thankful to me and my officemate by giving us money (amount rahsia) ;p . He is very nice n kind person. I'm working as a Customer Care, so i help them to register, assist them to the place that they should go until all the process was completed. Actually not me yg buat semua tu, i just observe how my colleague handle them because later on i need to do by my own self. Tapi, mungkin dah rezeki agaknye, i still dpt reward from them. Frankly speaking, i never thought about this and i'm speechless pd mulanye. I don't know what to say. I just say Thank you very much and im really appreciate it.. terharu sgt bila ade orang appreciate us.

About bad experience plak, one of my officematez lps ni mungkin jd tak "mesra" with me like before. Dia bengang sbb i taknak tlg settle kan job dia. Yela, once i awhile boleh laa i tlg. If dia bzee ke, or ade bnda lain yg lbh penting nak settle kan. Ni tak, dok bergayut kat tepon, balas2 email ngn sesape tah pastu keje dia yg simple giler tuu, suruh i buatkan. Mentang2 laa i ni new worker kt situ. Suka2 je bg arahan. Tapi, dia pandai tau. Dpn2 boss dia tak berani jd bossy, suh buat itu ini. Bila boss not around je dia bg mcm2 instruction. I ingatkn only me yg tak puas ati dgn dia. Rupa2nyer, org lain pun tak puas ati lama dh dgn dia. Hmm, hope benda ni tak melarat laa. If tak, tak best plak nk dtg kt tpt keje.

Okey, lg satu news bout month (3 Okt 2010) Sunday, is my Convocation day! Yahoo!!! Alhamdulillah..setelah brthn2 blajar kt university, at last dapat jugak naik stage amik scroll. Hope, bila dh pegang ijazah sendiri dapat laa jd contoh pd adik2 yg lain ;) Okey, rasa2nyer tu je kot nak kongsi kali ni. Next time, bila ade masa i will update alot more interesting stories with all of, rajin2 laa jenguk i (eh bukann...!) lawat blog i & bg comment. Daa~~